IoEExperience Hamburg | 14. Airbus ProtoSpace
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14. Airbus ProtoSpace

Airbus, employing around 63,000 people at sixteen sites in four countries, is a global leader in innovative aviation and with around 18,000 people the biggest employer in Hamburg. The large scale Cisco industry partner has deployed company-wide IT technology and video conference systems. Their efforts in collaborative work environment is widely recognized and you can see it in their state of the art Protospace.

Airbus’ ProtoSpace provides the necessary environment, means and tools to develop disruptive concept and bring about concrete innovation. One such disruptive concept – highlighted in this video – is the immersive view, which provides pilots with a 360-degree panoramic view of what is happening below an aircraft while “driving” in an e-taxi configuration. ProtoSpace underscores Airbus’ strong commitment to innovation.

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