IoEExperience Hamburg | 8. HafenCity
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8. HafenCity

With HafenCity, Hamburg is setting new standards in developing a new city along the Elbe river – this will add 40% to the inner city, converting a former harbor area.

This is the second largest urban development project in Europe right now, with bigger growth under consideration for the Olympic candidacy 2024.


Inhabiting an area of 157 hectares, a lively city with a maritime air is taking shape, bringing together workplace and residential uses, culture and leisure, tourism and retail facilities. It creates 45,000 jobs, 6,000 residences and major cultural, university, retail and leisure buildings. US$14B will be invested.


After 12 years of construction, it is on track when it comes to completion in 2025, but particularly when it comes to quality.

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