IoEExperience Hamburg | 1. Smart Road
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1. Smart Road

Key components of the project

  • Traffic management helps the port road manager monitor road traffic.
  • Structural sensors provide real time data on the condition of moveable infrastructure.
  • Environmental sensors deliver environmental data to improve analysis of the situation.
  • Smart Sensors enhance the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in port.
  • Analytics & Prediction functionality consolidates and analyses information from the pilot project to deliver improved quality of life.
  • Smart Lighting enhances the safety and energy savings in the port.


Structural: Strain Gauges

Measuring the strain and stress on structural steel members.

Environment: Air Quality

Pollution level: NO, NO2, SO2, CO and PM10.

Environment: Weather

Rainfalls, relative humidity, air temperature, wind speed / direction.

Structural: Tilt Meters

Settlements and relative displacements,

tilt of piers and abutments.

Structural: Accelerometers

Vibration and dynamic responses due to

seismic, wind and traffic loads.

AGT City Mind – Kattwyk Bridge

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