IoEExperience Hamburg | Use Cases
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Innovations are drivers of economic growth.

And only those who dare to take risks and venture to the unknown will become a global pivotal point.

Hamburg as a harbor city is ready to become a new gateway and be geared up for the future. Its Smart City project is a child of this thinking. The city, its harbor and infrastructure shall merge with the Internet of Things and become a true Seatropolis.

13 Smart City use cases

1 Smart Road

The key components of the Smart Road are traffic management, structural sensors, environmental sensors, smart sensors, analytics & prediction & smart lighting.

2  Smart Port

The Hamburg Smart Port project facilitates an ambitious goal to double the capacity of the port by keeping the same size of the area. This is achieved by connecting intermodal traffic (ships, trains, trucks and cars) to increase efficiency and quality of service.

Smart Truck Parking

Parking spaces are automatically checked and monitored for parking duration, occupation and detection of vehicles parked in no-parking zones to ensure the full utilization of pre-gate parking spaces, using the KiwiVision Parking Space Analyzer (software only solution).


KiwiVision has resolved the contradiction of data protection and video surveillance for Hamburg Port Authority, by applying the KiwiVision® Privacy Protector® on all camera streams to pixelate individuals in real-time and only by granting access in response to an accident.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is situated at a pilot section in the port of Hamburg (Hohe Schaar Street): 4 km long; hosting 102 LED luminaries and 60 sensors.

Smart Lighting provides follow-me-light and better safety for pedestrians and cyclists with the same lighting performance.

 SmartCity Model

The interactive Lego model of Cisco Smart City is found in the Hamburg SmartCity showroom. It includes the following use cases:


  • Smart parking
  • Smart waste management
  • Smart street lighting
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and QA (factory)
  • Logistic control (port).

Smart Health

At the University Clinic of Eppendorf (UKE), the City of Hamburg links patients with their schools and friends to create a better quality of life with the Internet of Things.


With HafenCity, Hamburg is setting new standards in developing a new city along the Elbe river – this will add 40% to the inner city, converting a former harbor area.


This is the second largest urban development project in Europe right now, with bigger growth under consideration for the Olympic candidacy 2024.

  Smart Research & Education

The overall aim of the holistic analysis is to identify the qualification demand in the field of intermodal traffic management (ITM) at the Hamburg Port.

The ITM is an example to exploit the results to forecast future demand of qualification for an Internet of Everything (IoE) environment.

The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) into skill sets of intermodal traffic management is a big challenge.

Smart Home

Apartimentum in Hamburg will be the smartest home in Europe with 44 apartments, all rented for a flat-rate, including all services – powered by Cisco IP technology.



   IoT Hackathon at vocational school Hamburg

To develop innovative thinking of students in vocational schools, Cisco organized the first Internet of Things Hackathon in a vocational school in Hamburg. During working in projects and a little contest the students were prepared on the economy in times of the Internet of Things.

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

The University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf is the teaching hospital of the University of Hamburg and Europe’s most advanced paperless hospital. The UKE has 1,460 beds and 121 day-care places and is one of the largest hospitals in Hamburg, Germany.

   Refugee First Response Center

This is a worldwide first: the Refugee First Response Center (RFRC) is a medical emergency station with a unique combination of services.

Airbus ProtoSpace

Airbus, employing around 63,000 people in sixteen cites in four countries, is a global leader in innovative aviation and with around 18,000 people the biggest employer in Hamburg. The large scale Cisco industry partner has deployed company-wide IT technology and video conference systems. Their efforts in collaborative work environment is widely recognized and you can see it in their state of the art Protospace.

If you’re interested in visiting some of the exciting locations, you can see the details here.